Rural & Remote Services

Once upon a time only people who lived in cities could access really good mental health care, and people living in rural or remote areas had to make do with a visiting specialist on an infrequent basis or travel to the closest regional centre for care. This is no longer the case and you can access good therapy and mental health care no matter where you live.

Since the advent of Covid more and more people have begun to take advantage of telehealth. This is especially important for people who live in rural and remote areas, who don’t have the same access for office consultations as people who live in cities. The good news is that telehealth has been shown to work, and even people in cities now often choose to use telehealth instead of having to drive/walk/catch a bus to an office.

The Safe and Sound Protocol is configured to work very well via telehealth. Trauma processing including EMDR and Flash, as well as Voices work, are all compatible with telehealth so you do not need to let distance be a barrier to engaging in good therapy.

Additionally, we have some spaces available for people on pensions with diagnosed needs. If this is you, talk to your GP about whether you are eligible for Access Plus. This is not the Better Access Program. If your GP determines that you are eligible for Access Plus, then depending on where you live, you or your GP may have to contact the Access Plus coordinator in your area to arrange to have this service provided with EMDR.Voices.Therapy.

So, if you live in a rural or remote area, take a look through our services and see if any are right for you.